Weiting's 2022 Reading Journey (WIP)

Author: Weiting Bollu | April 2022 | Status of the Page: Work in Progress

2022 Goal: read a total of 24 books

Back in December 2021, I wrote about the books I read throughout the 2021 year.

Now, I'm aiming to double that amount by reading at least 24 books in 2022. Anything more than that is a fantastic stretch goal - even better.

Remember, I have a hard time focusing on text, videos, and audio for an extended period of time. I have been more of a learn-by-doing human.

My strategy:

  1. By learning to read faster while maintaining what I read.

  2. By having different modes of reading available at any given time: Audible, Hardcopy, and/or Kindle so that I can pull one out at any given time.

  3. By carving out an environment in the daily schedule to be intentional about learning. This means not only the time, but also the space.

Year 2023 Goal: To be determined

"In Progress Books" - Slated to finish in 2022

This is a placeholder area for the books I'm currently pursuing.

"Hoorah, Fully Completed List"

When I finish, I will add them to my repertoire here.

"Started, but Failed to Complete" List

When I fail to complete a book throughout the 2022 year, I will list them out. I want to share that even though I start a book, it doesn't mean I will always finish it. It's like watching a TV show - do you complete the multiple seasons if the first few episodes weren't appealing to you? If you do, you are falling into the sunk-cost fallacy. i.e. "I already started and spent time on it so I must spend more time to finish it".

I'm trying to stop myself before I fall into that. In the process, I am learning more about myself.