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On the Art of Saying "No" 🚨

No one else will prioritize your time except for you. There are a million things you could be doing. Guard your time, say no. Not only do you gain more respect from peers, you hold more respect for yourself. Reread "The Art of Saying No" by Damon Zahariades to remind ourselves we need to prioritize ourselves first.


On COVID-19 situation πŸ€’

Canada is so fortunate to have universal health care. We're also fortunate to have Trudeau as our Prime Minister. Are there flaws in the responses? Yes. Though, it is one of the best responses for a democratic country as compared to our neighbours. I'm healthy and so is my family. That is a privilege and I'm thankful for it.

On Interview Hypothesizing πŸ€”

Hypothesize: what I want the other party/parties to know about me that will make them want to move me forward. Do this before going into the interview. Write down all the great points/themes/experiences I need to drive home.After the interview, reflect and see how you did.

On Asking for Help πŸ†˜

Asking for help makes us vulnerable. That's the beauty of it. Being vulnerable shows we are human.


On Commitment πŸ”

If I've given you my word that I'll do something. I've committed to it. I will get it done. If I cannot, I will reach out for help. I expect the same from your side. If you can no longer fulfill the commitment, then speak up!

On School Assignments 🏫

Ask for the rubric. Do exactly as the rubric says. Highlight the headers, bold words, emphasize phrases, and show some charts. Getting good marks isn't just about the content, it's also about the layout. If you overwhelm your reader with a load of text, expect a bad mark. Guide their eyes on the page. User experience = reader experience!

On Calendar Invites πŸ—“οΈ

The greatest feeling is when you send out calendar invites and people get back to you with an RSVP. That way, you don't have to follow up with them countless times to ask if they'll be there or not.

On Compliments πŸ₯°

When someone says: "you are awesome!!!" so many times without a "because..." and/or "for...", then it sounds extremely insincere.

On Age vs. Experience πŸ”ž

Being the youngest person in the room does not mean you don't have experience and the know-how to do something. Other people take 10 years to learn what some can learn in 5 years. These individuals who can gather experience and knowledge to perform quality results is what I call beneficial. It doesn't matter how old you are, show me you can do the job. I'll show you I can do mine.


On the Concept of Time βŒ›

Anyone who thinks that being late to a meeting is "OK" without letting the counter-party or counter parties know, is quite an 'asshole'. Unfortunately, that's the truth. There will be times when we're caught off guard and are late. Have the audacity to inform the others so they are aware and not blindly open.

On 1:1s πŸ“

When direct report comes in with an agenda of items to talk about and gives me the heads up, it gives me time to prepare. The more prepared they are, the more prepared I'll be. I will always do my homework.

On Hiring πŸ“‹

If I truly want someone on my team, I'll make every effort to make sure they know that. For example, inviting them to a morning breakfast meeting to tell them how great they are and why I know they are perfect on my team. Or, another example: I jump onto a call to make a pitch of the fit between them and my team.

On Presentation Decks πŸ“Š

Beautiful slide decks does make a big difference. Professional and appealing = eye catching.

On Giving Feedback πŸ’¬

Rephrasing questions away from the "why" question goes a long way. Probe on what the person's thought process is to come off as being less aggressive.

On Having Tough Conversations 🀐

Honestly, just do it. Spit it out. Do not sandwich it between the good. That ends up being insincere and words might get lost in interpretation.

On Interviews πŸ’

"Do you have any questions for me?" β€”> always prepare questions. Always.

On Apologies πŸ™‡πŸ»

I'd be having a debate with my direct report when she suddenly blurts out "I'm sorry". Hold on, why are you sorry? Are you sorry about having an intelligent debate with me? I force them to take it back.

On Negotiating Salaries πŸ’°

A direct report once said to me: "I'll wait until after a year before I bring up any salary or performance discussions." I asked them what their thought process was behind that statement. I thanked them and told them that we should talk about performance on an on-going basis. If we only talk about it once a year, then we're missing out on opportunities to grow together. Forget the time of "1 year" because it's status quo, think about it in better terms of "Did I make an impact?". If yes, let's talk about it.

On Asking πŸ™‹

If you don't ask, you don't get. Something as basic as having feminine essentials in the washroom should be a necessity. Women have had to leave the workplace because their period came unexpectedly. When we see these problems, I need to try to fix it. So, I asked for a small budget. It worked.

"I will never much joy I felt with the simply basic human right of having access to female hygiene products. You also gave me confidence to have a voice and take charge when necessary!" 01.10.2020

Thoughts are my own. They may change over time.

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