Our Story

Vishal Bollu

The Indian Dosa

(VB in Comics)

Occupation: Software Development

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Weiting (Xu) Bollu

The Chinese Wonton

(Wheats in Comics)

Occupation: Product Management

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What is Wontosa?

The Wontosa name comes from our favourite foods: Wontons and Dosas.

On this website, we strive to share laughs, resources, and knowledge by the means of comics, blogs, and other random thoughts. This is a safe space where we store some memories. We welcome you to hustle with us!

Our common topics include but are not limited to:

  • Interracial relationships

  • Software and technology

  • Non-profit charitable work

  • Being millennials

  • Marriage

  • Review of courses, products, services

  • Books we've read

  • Side hustles

  • Financial independence

This is VB's selfie attempt on really rocky rocks while we were at Hopewell Rocks - ouch! But that beautiful sky background is so worth it, right?

A little more about us

Weiting Bollu

During the day:

Weiting works at Assurance IQ in the capacity of Lead Product Manager of Agent Experience. Assurance is a marketplace of insurance agents who are certified to sell insurance products, insurance companies who have insurance products to sell, and consumers who wish to purchase insurance products. Assurance is always hiring!

During the evenings and weekends:

Weiting volunteers with the SOLO - Small Ownership Landlords of Ontario non-profit organization that focuses on advocacy, community, and education of small-scale landlords within the Ontario, Canada region. She's passionate about the rights of landlords and scalable processes to do effective work.

In the past, Weiting has played a large role at the Rotary and Rotaract organizations, serving as the Past Rotaract Representative as well President and Board Advisor roles. In addition, Weiting worked Genecis Bioindustries, a venture-backed start-up revolutionizing the plastics industry by turning food waste to biodegradable plastics.

Vishal Bollu

During the day:

Vishal works at Elevate Security as an Engineering Manager where he manages a team of Engineers on the Platform team. In a world where most security breaches are caused by humans, Elevate Security is all about catching human error before a company's data gets leaked. Vishal focuses on ensuring the tech architecture can scale as the organization grows.

During the evenings and weekends:

One can find Vishal gathering with friends to play Dungeons and Dragons or catching up on the latest anime that came out. He'll be following One Piece until the end!

In the past, Vishal has worked for notable companies such as Google, ChanZuckerberg Initiative, Canadian Tire, and more.